Take Matters Into Your Own Hands

How can I get more groups?

Question: My last postcard/brochure mailing was successful in gaining repeat groups. But what about the other 2000 groups on my lists that have never been to one of my performances?

Answer: Host a FAM.

Most FAM tours are hosted by area CVBs or other Cultural Council or Cultural Trust organizations. Just because you either don’t have relationships with those types of groups, or those groups don’t do FAMs doesn’t mean that you can’t have one yourself.

It is often just a matter of giving free tickets and a goody bag.

Send a letter to your list of groups that have NEVER been to your show or groups that have LAPSED. Enclose an order form for them to fill out and mail back to claim their tickets. Got a huge mailing list, but can only give away a finite number of tickets? Just note that on the letter: “Offer good for the first 50 people who respond” and so on.
If you can have a little pre-performance soiree at the theatre, all the better. If not, put a little goody bag on each group leader’s seat and make sure you introduce yourself before the performance starts.

I am a firm believer, that if a group leader sees the performance they are much more likely to bring their group in the future.

A Nebulous Existence

Group sales professionals in the performing arts: we are a minority. Stuck between the Marketing department and the Box Office. Sometimes working with Education and Development. Having tentacles that reach out to almost every aspect of the organization.

There isn’t an organization or association that is just for us, so a blog will have to suffice.

I hope to provide arts group sales professionals with information as well as community.