Service Fees

I will be the first to tell you that I am not a fan of service fees. They seem to be on everything nowadays.
I AM, however, a fan of service fees on group ticket orders. I generally think they shouldn’t be above $5 for regular orders with perhaps the option for a higher rate if someone wants their tickets overnighted or something similar.
If your order were 2 or 3 tickets, yes, that would seem high. But on an order of 50 tickets; not so much. Also, if you’re not tracking your postage use, you should. You’ll find out quite quickly that mailing all of those little padded envelopes chock-full of tickets can cost a pretty penny.
Just be sure that your ticketing system allows you to manually subtract that fee if necessary.

Moving Day…

So, I moved the blog to WordPress. I find it to be much more user-friendly and it has STATS!!! So I’ll be able to tell how many of my millions of fans are reading this each day…

Contracts: Really Important

It is amazing to me how many arts organizations still don’t use or require any kind of contract for their group sales. A signed contract is necessary both to protect the organization and the group.

Information the Contract Should Include (at the minimum):
1. Number of tickets
2. Seating location(s)
3. Payment due date(s)
4. Terms of Agreement

Your terms of agreement could include anything from return/exchange policies, to what will happen if payment is not made on time. Your organization’s regular single ticket policy is a good place to start in formulating this.

It is also important to make sure that your group leader actually signs the contract and returns it to you. An unsigned contract is as good as null.