3 Reasons to Choose iContact over Constant Contact

First off, let me tell you that I am receiving no compensation from iContact nor do I have a customer service horror story about Constant Contact.  What follows is simply my opinion.

Why I think that non-profits should use iContact instead of Constant Contact for their mass e-mail communications.

1.  iContact is cheaper.

Here is a pretty graphic from their website illustrating this fact:


2.  iContact gives you added features without extra cost.

With iContact, you get lots of other great features without spending extra money.  The two biggies for me are the fact that you can do surveys and have a public newsletter archive.  These are two very powerful tools for non-profits.  We all know how useful a survey can be but have you ever thought about what you could do if you could post a URL to your last e-newsletter?  This is what the public archive allows you to do.  Not only can you send messages to the people on your list, but you can share that same message with your Facebook fans, Twitter follwers, blog readers, etc.

3.  Better control of custom HTML.

Let’s say you have paid a designer to create a custom HTML e-mail template for you.  That is super for the first month when they are sending it out for you.  But what do you do in the upcoming months when you don’t have super HTML skills?  iContact provides three tabs that let you easily access the HTML as well as make edits in a preview fashion that doesn’t require any HTML knowledge.



Are you wondering if they have a non-profit rate?  Yes, they do.  And they have all of the list segmentation tools and stats that you are used to.  If you are using Constant Contact consider saving a lot of money per year and switch to iContact.