NAMP 2014 Slide

NAMP 2014 Presentation

If you are an arts marketer and you don’t attend NAMP, you should absolutely make room in your budget to attend next year.  It is, by far, the most targeted and useful conference that any arts marketing can go to.

This year, I presented with the fabulous Erik Gensler from Capacity Interactive about online advertising through the Google Ad Network rather than placing direct. (Spoiler: it is a total game changer and I highly recommend it!)

In case you weren’t able to be at the conference, but are interested in our slides, here they are:

Adding heatmapping to your website

If you know me even just a little, you know that I love data.  Especially in the field of arts marketing because we tend to have our own preconceived notions as arts marketers on what “our people” like, what they want, and how they behave.  Good data can either back that up or contradict it and put you on the right path.

This is so true with websites.  In my travels, I find that most arts organizations are very concerned with how their website looks which is understandable because we are so visual.  However, what if that visually stunning website actually hurts your conversion rate or is hard for people to navigate?

I hope that everyone reading this has Google Analytics installed on their site and that you regularly look at the data.  If you don’t, install it IMMEDIATELY.  If you do, go and look at the data right now.  RIGHT NOW.  If you aren’t sure how to read the data, Google has lots of free resources to help you.

Another way to see how people are interacting with your site is through heatmapping.  I’ve had heatmapping installed on the Palm Beach Opera website for the past few years and, I’ve got to say, that I love it.  It gives you a different take on the data because you can see not just what content people are viewing, but where they are looking on each page of your site.

Here’s a sample heatmap:

CrazyEgg Landing Page


You don’t have to be some sort of tech genius to see that the Buy Tickets button is performing pretty well here.

You can set up any number of what they call “snapshots” which are really just pages for them to track.  Let them fun for a few weeks to see what people are looking at most, or what might be more useful, what people aren’t looking at.

They offer a nonprofit rate and I end up paying about $100 for the entire year which is affordable for even a small nonprofit.

Canva Sample 1

How to make great email and social media graphics without Photoshop

As arts marketers, our time is limited and we often don’t have professional graphic designers on staff.  Although I’m skilled in Photoshop, it can be time consuming to create even a simple graphic for a Facebook post or a quick email blast.

That was until I found Canva.  This FREE handy little website allows you to create social media graphics, blog graphics, Twitter photos, and more quickly and easily.

The interface is super easy to work with and comes pre-loaded with tons of layouts:

Canva Sample 1


You can upload your own photos or use stock that you can purchase directly from them for $1 per image.

They also have tons of fun graphic elements, stickers, and banners:

Canva Sample 2

Never let lack of PhotoShop or money for a graphic designer get in the way of producing the imagery necessary for your emails, Instagram posts, and Facebook ads again.