Butts In Seats

Please excuse the language, but the primary goal of everyone who works for an arts organization is to get “butts in seats.” That is not to say that the goal is to make money (although that is part of it) but rather to expose as many people as possible to the arts.

In my experience, one of the major roadblocks that stands in the way of getting those “butts in seats” (especially for groups) is unfamiliarity with the arts. That unfamiliarity breeds a small amount of fear. Fear that they won’t understand what is going on. Fear that they’ll be bored. Fear that they won’t like it.

How do we overcome this fear? By providing FREE exposure to the arts.

Host a FAM and offer group leaders free tickets to one of your performances. If you’ve got an open dress rehearsal, invite them to that. Post video clips on YouTube and include them in e-blasts to groups. Invite group leaders to any outreach events that have a performance element.

I have yet to meet a group leader that was unhappy with a performance that they attended. If the group leader likes it, they are far more likely to bring a group of 50 to the next show. And all 50 of those people are going to like it too.

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