Using Sprout Social To Monitor Social Media

I recently began using Sprout Social to monitor and manage the social media account at Palm Beach Opera and I’ve got one thing to say about it: I LOVE IT!

There are many social media monitoring sites out there but many of them are just too darn expensive for the average nonprofit organization.  Anyone who knows me or has heard me speak knows that I prefer to do things that are free and only spend money on social media and web projects when it is really worth it.  Well, this is worth it indeed.  The Professional account is only $9.00 per month and they give a 50% discount for nonprofits.  In my mind, $4.50 per month is totally worth it for this product!

1. You can monitor Facebook pages and Twitter accounts.
It is super easy to get set up and connect your Twitter and Facebook pages to be monitored.  If you have more than one Facebook page (and perhaps even a Facebook place page) it will handle that as well.

2. The Reports Tab helps you to stay on track.
Anyone who has heard me speak about social media knows about my 80/20 rule for nonprofits. 80% engagement and 20% broadcasting leads to successful use of social media.  Well, the Reports Tab tells you exactly how well you are doing with that.

(OOPS!  Looks like I’m at 72/28 at the moment…I better work on engaging more!)

3. It alerts you when there is new activity.
Perhaps my favorite feature is the Inbox Tab.  It tells you when someone has followed you, posts on a Facebook wall, mentions you on Facebook, or @replies you on Twitter.  Taking this one step further, you can reply to that person directly from there without having to log into Twitter or Facebook separately.

Those of you who still have an email alert set up on Twitter that will email you when you have a new follower won’t have to worry about the email deluge anymore!  This one feature has simplified my workflow more than I can say.

4. You can monitor keywords and search terms across different social media platforms and the web.
You may ask me, “But I use HootSuite or TweetDeck to do these things.  Why do I need something else?”  Well, I am an avid TweetDeck user and I continue to use it even now to stay on top of the conversation that is happening on Twitter.  However, it never worked quite how I wanted it regarding search terms for Palm Beach Opera.

Well, that is my quick tour of Sprout Social.  I suggest anyone managing social media at a nonprofit organization check it out to see if it works for you.


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