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So, lets think of your .org’s overall branding campaign as the “brand.”  Your marketing campaign would be a “mini-brand” within the larger brand.

It is important to realize that any good Group Sales campaign is going to mirror that of the larger organization, but have it’s own unique target demographic, and therefore special needs when it comes to branding.

Don’t forget that groups want to know about group-related things.  Some will be interested in what the regular ticket prices are, but only in conjunction with what the group rate is.  Some will be interested in what pre-performance functions you have, but only in relation to which ones groups are permitted to attend.

In most cases it it well worth it to print a companion to your regular brochure that has only group information or to print entirely separate group collateral all together.  It is important that the “brand” gets out to the correct people, and the same applies for your “mini-brand.”

Think you don’t have the budget for group-specific collateral?  Contact me and I’ll show you how!