4 Tips To Help You Write a Group Sales Intro Letter

Do you want to include a letter with your group sales brochure?  Not sure where to start?
In general, letters to ticket buyers (or potential ticket buyers) should be rather short (no more than 3 paragraphs) and written in a personable tone.  Consider these thoughts when you craft the letter:
1.  Remember that the group leader needs to feel comfortable with you.  They are about to start a long-term relationship with you – there is a certain amount of trust involved.
2.  Put yourself in the shoes of the group leader.  What would make you take the leap of faith to get your group tickets?  It may be the fact that you have a flexible payment plan.  It may be that you are looking for premium seating.  It may be that you want to be able to cancel the order at any time without penalty.
3.  Tell them something they don’t already know.  Is there some neat factoid or piece of information that they might not know?  This could be something related to one of the shows or about the organization as a whole.  
4.  Remember that the average group leader doesn’t really want a “sales pitch.”  They just want good seats for their group and a smooth process to get them. 
Go ahead and be brave!  Go with your gut instinct.  Your brochure is going to sell the product.  The letter is to get people to buy the product from you personally.

Brochures A-Go-Go

Ladies and gentlemen:  it’s that time of year again!  Time for group sales brochures!

As per usual, e-mail me a PDF of your brochure and I’ll post it online so we can all learn and share.