New survey data shows that 54% of employees want to work mostly remote and 75% want the option to work remote at least part of the time.

This coupled with the fact that we’re all settled into our new remote work routine, I can’t help but wonder about all of those large offices many nonprofit organizations maintain.

Do we really need it?

Sure, if you own your building and/or you are an arts organization and you have on-site production/rehearsal/gallery/exhibit facilities, it makes sense to keep it. But what about those organizations who simply rent space for offices only? Do we need all that square footage? Do we need it at all?

I’m just thinking out loud here and, admittedly, I’m thinking big.

What if our offices were more like co-working spaces? This would require less square footage and staff could spend time in the office when needed and work remotely the rest of the time. There would still be space for private meetings and calls, an area to meet with donors, and possibly somewhere to have the occasional social event.

With this type of flexible space, performing arts orgs could also turn it into additional rehearsal space after the business day is over.

Now that we have had to rethink how we work out of necessity, let’s open our minds to rethink how we work smarter and better once this is all over.

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