Have you ever participated in a FAM tour?  You’re CVB probably does them at least a few times per year.  Normally a large travel or tourism organization (like a CVB) will bring in tour operators, travel agents, or other group leader-type people to your city for a week or weekend of fun and frolicking.  How great would it be for you to provide the entertainment!?  Seek out FAM tours and try to get on all that you can.  Actually getting potential group leaders into your theater is the best prospecting measure that you can do.

Does your CVB not really do a lot of FAMs?  You can have your own FAM either just by inviting your own group prospects to a performance or by joining forces with your other group sales contacts.  These mini FAMs can be just as useful and draw on the local crowd.

Do you want more information about planning your own FAM?  Contact me today!

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